I can not get verification in the Chaturbate

Usually, when your documents are reviewed by the administrator and they are not suitable, you can read on the model verification page in front of the downloaded photos about the reasons for the rejection.

What if you can’t done verification process?

First you need to find out the reason:

  • if the document suits them, you just downloaded low-quality photos, then it’s enough to make high-quality photos (preferably on a digital camera to be sure) and upload them.
  • if your passport is temporary you can use your international passport, ID card or driver’s license.
  • if you have another reason for rejecting your verification and in all other cases, we advise you to contact with Chaturbate support and resolve this issue. In order to contact with support, you need to write an email from your mailbox indicating the problem and your nickname in the chat to address support@chaturbate.com. Most often the problem is easily resolved, the main thing is to be persistent and if you are sure that your document should be verified by all the chat criteria , then tell them about it until you get verification.

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