Problems with verification of accounts and ban accounts on Chaturbate

Some of you may encounter the problem of verification of the account on the chaturbate. The reasons can be specified different and so can last very long. In this case, if you have high-quality photos of a document suitable for them, we advise you to contact the support after the first rejection of your photos by the site system. The matter is that the system automatically considers your photos and can be mistaken. To contact the chat support, write to the e-mail address specified at the support of chaturbate  The text of the message can be as simple as possible, for example: “Hello, I have a problem with verification my account NICKNAME.” I upload high-quality photos, but the system rejects them. Please check and verify my account. ” In most cases, this works, if not, you will be shown the reason for the rejection and you can correct the errors preventing you from verifying the account on the chaturbate.

A similar situation occurs with the account banned on the chaturbate. Sometimes, immediately after uploading a photo for verification, you will be shown that your account is blocked, this happens if you previously worked for a studio, and the system suspected the distribution of your documents to wide access. The solution is as simple as with verification – support calls with an indication of the problem.

Another interesting case is when you have verified and your account on the chaturbate is verified, there is no notice about the banned account and there are not any viewers at all. This is also a banned account. This often happens after many re-registrations to the same documents. Therefore, we advise you not to waste your time waiting for the number of viewers to change, and immediately after registering to log in from another browser to your account (if the country is blocked use the VPN) and check availability. To do this, go to If you see the message “Access is denied. This room is banned” then this is your case, if the profile opens, then everything is fine, you can earn.

6 thoughts on “Problems with verification of accounts and ban accounts on Chaturbate

  1. John

    Good Day,

    my account was banned and said age verification was not accepted both of us are over the age of 18, please can you urgently assist with this.

    We were live for over 3 hours and then suddenly kicked and banned, but we are both over 18
    ID number for Tiana Robin Cunningham -950802 0273 085
    Ashleigh Da Silva – 9807120111082


    as this makes no sense at all we are both of legal age did not do anything against your rules.

    We also have our friend age Verified
    Angelica Rhaine Emily Pitt – 0107260308088

    Please this is URGENT


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