Problems with tokens

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First of all, we consider it necessary to tell that new models on Chaturbate like everywhere else are trying to deceive users for free show. Eternal their chip, it will agree with the model about this or that action in the free chat (free, common) for a certain amount of tokens. Further the user as if throws to you them and you as the silly woman not understanding while this divorce, execute the promise. And they throw, in fact, pictures similar to system messages about giving you a tip. In order not to fall for this trick, remember:

  • when you are given a real tip, this is always accompanied not only by graphic notification in the chat, but also by sound
  • Your balance, you can always look at the top of the page on the right under the button “my profile” is immediately added to the specified amount

If this does not happen, then you are most likely deceived. This is first days until they understand that you do not react to this.

Note: if users write that they can not give you tokens, but not because they do not exist, but because the error, it may make sense to check your model verification page, the inscription “Your account is verified.” should not be lost. If this happened, or even did not happen, but no one can give you the tokens, it’s possible that your account has fallen under a ban and you should write in support.

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