How to earn more as cam model Chaturbate at home

We will not consider such nuances as:

  • what should be the working light
  • which camera and lighting to choose
  • what to wear
  • what to do
  • And so on

It’s up to you to decide for yourself. But one thing can be said with certainty, less controversy, more realism. Enter the role, communicate as with your friends, do not ignore the members. And believe that you do not read on the forums or websites webcams studios, that without the norms of equipment and the workplace you will not earn anything – it’s all a lie. We work at home with a standard laptop and its standard camera (later bought high-quality cameras) and earn much more studio models, working days in their environment and on 5-10 sites at once. What’s the secret? Yes, elementary, customers immediately see where the studio model, which interests only earnings, and where home, which can and just talk. Both the natural look and the cozy home environment are more to their liking. In addition, all the clients are men, and they are by nature predators and like to hunt. So leave it to them. Do not immediately call the price when you are asked to do something, be more modest. Want to hunt? Let them get it. After all, as in life, they prefer those for whom they should run rather than easily accessible. Over time, you will have your own unique image, thanks to which users will remember you and will come back to you again and again. In the meantime, experiment and please them with your attention. Do not disappear for a long time so that you will not be forgotten. And with a competent approach and regular work for a couple of hours a day, earnings will surprise you. Many became the web models in this chat room began to earn a month of their annual salary. fee at the former place of work. What you will achieve depends only on your desire and perseverance. After all, everything can be earned here.

In addition, in order to increase earnings, you can work with several accounts in a foreign Chat Chat video chat or work in several video chats at once. To do this, use the program ManyCam. You can download it from THIS LINK.

The installation of the program is very simple, open the downloaded file and select the language of the application:

How to earn more as cam model Chaturbate at home

How to earn more as cam model Chaturbate at home

and click “I Accept”.Will start installation process the program … After clicking “Finish” and the program will open. By default, the program is on startup, which is what we need. In order to work in multiple chats or from multiple accounts at the same time. You need to launch different browser windows and select the camera and the “ManyCam” microphone in the broadcast settings.

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