How to register and work as a couple in Chaturbate

Working as a couple is often more profitable work solo (alone). But here it is necessary to know the nuances. Working with a couple of male-female will require considerable effort. Another situation is when a couple of girls or a group work, just female-male-female. A couple of girls are very popular among users and make them easier.

Registration of the couple goes exactly the same as usual, only you need to choose the gender of the “couple” if the opposite-sex couple or “girls” when a couple of girls. The verification of the pair takes place separately for each user. That is, fill the first step on 1 cam model and on it in the second step you throw up the documents, then also for everyone who will be broadcast with you. In the settings of the cost of private show, you can safely immediately put on 12-18 tokens a minute.

Note! Before the camera can be at the same time as many people, how many documents have been verified. If you have verified one model, then in the frame more than 1 can not be during the broadcast otherwise the ban will be made and you will have to contact the support for unlocking.

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