Private show in Chaturbate. How to setting up

What is private show in video chat? If you are reading this entry, most likely you are already a cam model and want to increase your earnings, so you should already know that a private show in the video chat is a user-paid chat in which you are alone with him and arrange a private show for him, for which he actually pays.

The private show in Chaturbate video chat does not differ from private show on other webcams of chats in this plan. The user calls you to a private show in the video chat after preliminary specifying the details of the future show, then you accept the invitation to a private show in the video chat and the show started, drip to you for every minute you spend in a private show, but not too much so as not to spoil your reputation or worse – get a ban, for what you promised to do and not did.

What is the cost of private chat to optimally put web models?

For new web models chaturbate the cost of a private chat in the video chat is better to put on the first low, you need to earn fans and declare yourself. It’s best to go, 6-12 tokens per 1 minute private show and 12 tokens per spy. You can even experiment and put 18 tokens cost per minute private show in a video chat with you. After all, the site helps new models first time and throws you viewers into the room, and each viewer is a potential client. Over time, gaining popularity (the number of subscribers is an excellent indicator of your popularity in video chat, as well as rating in the form of likes and dislikes). So: typing with each +10 yew subscribers you can safely put the price by an order Higher. For example: there were initially 12 tokens per minute. They typed 10,000 subscribers and raised the cost to 18 tokens per minute for a private show in a video chat with you, the number of users became 20,000 – the cost per minute of a private show in a video chat with you can put the next on the list, etc.

Thus, you will always have a good income and a lot of satisfied customers, you just have to get them to invite to a private show in the video chat, and there to do such a private show to leave content and become your fans, which means that they return to the private for You and more than once again.

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