The best strategy for earning as cam model on Chaturbate

How much cost the current strategy of earning as cam model on the chaturbate, do you think? I do not know how on the chaturbate, but I saw where they are selling lessons and such nonsense from 100 to 1000 dollars !!! Of course, if the end justifies the means, then why not. But we are opening our own best strategy for earning a cam model on chaturbate absolutely free of charge by the reader of our site So, let’s begin:

Here you are registered under the instructions “Registration and setup of the web model account on the chaturbate” set out on our website, set up a profile and room as indicated in our “F.A.Q.”

Then it’s time to start, right? If you are first going to work as a cam model Chaturbate site, we recommend that you spend a few days to understand the intricacies of the chat without using any strategies. If you are already familiar with this video chat or think that it’s better to understand everything as it goes, then you can start working with a web model at home in a foreign video Chaturbate using our best strategy of earning as cam model chaturbate. First, set the price of 90 private tokens for new models and our scheme for web models of chaturbate with a reputation (if there is almost no reputation, and the account is not new, it is better to create a new web model account on chaturbate).

Over time, you will have your own style, show scenarios in free chat, etc. In the meantime, put on your sexy underwear and do not forget about outerwear, we’ll start in it, tight jeans and a T-shirt are perfect.

Then start the broadcast and install the chaturbate application Tip Goal * or Tip Multi Goal * you can choose the bot yourself, but we recommend Tippers Leaderboard ** and Auto Tip Thank You ***

* The essence of these applications is that they automatically count the number of tokens left to one or another goal. For example, you specify the price of 200 tokens and write the goal “take off the jersey”. Further in the free chat (the general chaturbate chat) in every way flirt and flirt with their audience, teasing them sometimes lifting up the same shirt or pointed to the chest or stretching the cutout on the chest down. But do not forget to leave the riddle and cause the desire to see more from the audience. They “throw off” you and the goal is fulfilled. After that, the next goal is “I’ll take off my jeans”, etc. The difference between Tip Goal and Tip Multi Goal applications is that in Tip Goal you need to restart the application after reaching the goal and specify a new goal and cost, and Tip Multi Goal supports many goals at once, and when the first one is reached, the second counter immediately starts.
** This bot shows a table of leaders on the tip in your room, that is, 3 nicknames, which at the moment gave you the most amount of tips. In the settings, you can change the interval and conditions for displaying notifications.
*** The essence of this bot is even simpler and fits in its name – the bot will automatically write “thanks” or the text you specify, to anyone who will give you a tip. In the settings, the minimum amount of tips to trigger the bot and the text of the message itself change.

Make it simple, click on the Apps & Bots tab below your video window, click Choose an App to select the application, find the one we need, click Launch App, configure and click Start App. All applications are running, with bots in the same way, only the bot can be active up to 3 at a time, and the application is only 1.

We recommend that you add it to favorites before launching the application, so that you do not search for the next time, the selected applications and bots appear first in the list. To add applications or bot caturbate to your favorites, just click on the orange button on the right  when the application settings are opened.

Also do not forget about hashtags Chaturbate. This completes the preparation. Next is the process of work itself, which, by the way, has become much more interesting now.

And the process is simple, with the work of the web model at home in a foreign videochat chaturbate you are already familiar, so indicating the goals in the application and setting up the bots, all we need is to tease the public by hinting at the current goal and rejoice that everything turns out when you are called in private, decide for yourself, continue the show in the chat room or agree to an invitation and go to private. In the course of time, we recommend increasing the cost of the private, depending on the number of fans. Also do not forget to pamper your fans with new photos and videos, even in paid albums on chaturbate, and do not be afraid to experiment with images.

Using this strategy, like all the work in the Chaturbate, will be much more profitable and more enjoyable with Lovense toys, who react to the sound of tokens and bring you joy that the viewers really like and they give more and more tokens. You can order them by clicking on the links on our website, and how to connect to the chat will tell in the following posts.. Good luck to all!

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