A worthy analog of the Chaturbate – StripChat

As you could read in our publications earlier, a good addition to the earnings of the cam model on the chaturbate, there will be work immediately in 2 chats if they are similar. So it happened that CamGasm – was closed, and have to either work cam model Chaturbate on several accounts to increase earnings or look for a decent chat. And we found one!

You could notice a banner on the pages of our site. This is a stripchat. Stripchat was quite interesting and worthy analog Chaturbate, which makes it easy to combine the work of the cam model Chaturbate with work in the shearing. In some models, stripping has gone even better than chaturbate, and they use it as the main chat room, and not as an additional chat. How to get from you, it’s hard to predict, you need to try.

The work of the cam model on the stripchat, also paid for tokens, for the same rate – 1 token 5 cents. Only to convert them as on the chaturbate is not necessary, everything happens automatically and is paid every week. You can receive a payment on ePayments nad others methods.

We will not write down the registration process, it is rather simple and is available in many languages. Here is the link for BECOME A CAM MODEL IN STRIPCHAT, for those who have not yet done so. If you still have questions about registering on the strip, or others that relate to this webcam chat, you can contact us by leave comments on the posts.

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